LTV Steel has developed a new electrogalvanized product that resists fingerprinting, streaking, and staining which can occur on regular dry electrogalvanized product during handling for stamping and part assembly operations. This product has a thin coat (approximately one micron thick) of a chromate rich organic polymer applied over the metallic zinc plating. The organic coating is roller applied and thermally cured with equipment installed after the plating cells on the electrogalvanizing line at our Walbridge, Ohio joint venture. LOC«–AF sheet is available in a variety of steel qualities ranging from commercial quality through deep drawing quality and some high strength grades. The zinc coating mass is typically 20G20G (20 grams per square meter per side), but other coating masses are also available.

The organic film on the surface of the LOC«–AF product seals the electrogalvanized surface and makes it resistant to the absorption of oils and moisture which exist on a person's hands. The solid thin film is also resistant to atmospheric moisture and mild alkaline wash solutions, as well as many of the chemicals used in vapor degreasing and solvent wash systems. Thus the product resists streaking after wash operations, and provides an almost indefinite shelf life with freedom from condensation staining on finished or subassembled parts.


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