Leading Steel Technologies Facilities

Trico Steel Company

Trico Steel Company is an LTV joint venture in leading steel technologies. Trico Steel CompanyConstruction of the Trico flat rolled steel minimill was completed in 1997. Production and shipments began in April 1997.

LTV owns a 50% interest in Trico, and two of the world’s leading international steel companies — Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. and British Steel plc — each owns a 25% interest.

The company is shipping a full range of hot rolled steel products, which are being recognized by customers for exceptional dimension and surface quality.

At full capacity the plant can produce up to 2.2 million tons of hot rolled steel products per year in widths up to 65 inches and gauges as thin as one millimeter. The new ultralight gauge hot rolled steel competes with certain grades of cold rolled steel.

Trico converts a blend of recycled scrap and virgin materials into high-quality hot rolled steel. In the melt shop, two Trico Steel Smelterdual-electrode electric furnaces produce 170-ton heats of liquid steel for alloying and temperature adjustment at their associated ladle metallurgy stations. The treated steel is cast into thin slabs at two continuous casting machines utilizing liquid core reduction. After cutting to length, the slabs are normalized in two in-line roller hearth furnaces, and transferred to the hot strip mill for final rolling into hot rolled sheet using pair cross technology.