Coke Plants

Chicago Coke Plant
The Chicago Coke Plant supplied LTV Steel’s Indiana Harbor Works plant in nearby East Chicago, Indiana, with 50% of its coke needs. The coke plant had 60 ovens and produced about 1,650 tons of coke daily, with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons of metallurgical coke.LTV Steel Coke Plants

The Chicago Coke Plant is located on the Calumet River, which provides an important economic advantage by enabling coal to be delivered at a very competitive cost. Coals from mines in Virginia and West Virginia are blended for coking at the plant.

The Chicago Coke Plant was built in 1981, consisting of one battery of 60 six-meter ovens and an extensive by-products recovery system. A major renovation of the battery was successfully completed in 1995. In addition, a major renovation of the coke oven gas desulfurization unit in the by-products recovery department was successfully undertaken in 1997.

Warren Coke Plant
Warren Coke PlantsThe Warren Coke Plant produced 1,550 tons of high-quality metallurgical coke per day and had an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons. The plant, which was commissioned in 1979, has 85 four-meter ovens and a by-products recovery operation, and provides coke to LTV Steel’s Cleveland Works.